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Assisted Living or Home Care? What You Should Know

Pew Research statistics show that 27% of Americans 65 and older live alone. Some seniors choose to live alone and adapt homes to suit their changing needs. But millions have little choice, as they lose friends and family members. The elderly often become isolated, which affects their well-being. Many Texas seniors move into assisted living [...]

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Helping the Elderly Avoid Being Taken Advantage of by Scammers

Emerging scams place seniors at risk of financial losses. The cons are often based on dangers to loved ones or a threat of jail time. The criminals visit the senior's home or call to collect confidential data. The financial details are used to collect funds from banks or illegally use credit card accounts. Identity theft [...]

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How to Recognize and Treat Glaucoma

While we strive to make our residents' lives as comfortable and worry-free as possible, there are certain signs of aging that can't be avoided. Glaucoma is a hereditary condition that leads to the pressurization of the inner eye, causing optic nerve damage and vision loss. Rarely, it's caused by chemical or blunt force injuries, infections, [...]

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What You Should Know About the Different Kinds of Dementia?

While dementia typically does not develop until a person is over the age of sixty-five, individuals can begin to experience symptoms earlier in life. If someone receives a diagnosis and treatment early, they may slow down the progression of the disease. Learning about the different types of dementia allows individuals to protect their brain function. [...]

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Community Living is Important for Veterans

As a person grows older, it is essential that they feel supported and connected to those around them. However, feeling connected can be challenging for those who live alone, especially veterans, as they may not have many opportunities to make friends and engage in social activities. One way to keep elderly veterans social and engaged [...]

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The Dangers of Isolation for Seniors

As many Americans have learned in the past two years, social isolation can take a serious toll on people's mental health. In seniors, the risks of loneliness and isolation are even greater. Read on to find out about the dangers of isolation in seniors and how people who find themselves withdrawing from their current communities [...]

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Things to Look For When Visiting Your Elderly Parents During the Holidays

As the holidays draw closer, you may be preparing to visit aging loved ones after a long break. With the pandemic making long-distance and local visits difficult here in Texas, it’s wise to make the most of every second you get to spend with loved ones. These holiday visits are a great time to assess [...]

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