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Community Living is Important for Veterans

As a person grows older, it is essential that they feel supported and connected to those around them. However, feeling connected can be challenging for those who live alone, especially veterans, as they may not have many opportunities to make friends and engage in social activities. One way to keep elderly veterans social and engaged [...]

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The Dangers of Isolation for Seniors

As many Americans have learned in the past two years, social isolation can take a serious toll on people's mental health. In seniors, the risks of loneliness and isolation are even greater. Read on to find out about the dangers of isolation in seniors and how people who find themselves withdrawing from their current communities [...]

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Things to Look For When Visiting Your Elderly Parents During the Holidays

As the holidays draw closer, you may be preparing to visit aging loved ones after a long break. With the pandemic making long-distance and local visits difficult here in Texas, it’s wise to make the most of every second you get to spend with loved ones. These holiday visits are a great time to assess [...]

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