Many seniors refuse to admit they can no longer live alone. They want to retain their independence and worry they will become a burden on loved ones. For this reason, they won’t talk about assisted living with family members.

They remain in denial that the day has come when they must make other living arrangements. How can a family talk about assisted living with these individuals? What strategies should be used? 

Talk About Assisted Living Before It Becomes Necessary

Families should begin talking about alternative living arrangements long before that option becomes necessary. The seniors can then have input into where they live and when they think they may need to move to elderly assisted living. In addition, this allows them to say how much they want family members to be part of the process. 

Never wait until it becomes necessary for the seniors to move to discuss this topic. Emotions tend to get in the way during conversations following a serious event involving a senior. 

Discussing this topic early also allows the appropriate financial arrangements to be made. This ensures that seniors can live as they desire without worrying about expenses. The family won’t be stressed by wondering how they will afford the desired level of care. 

Research Various Options

Some areas have only one senior living or memory care community. Other areas appear to have a different center every few miles. Learn what is available for seniors in the area and research each community. Doing so makes it easy to find one that meets the unique needs of the senior who will be making the transition. When comparing these communities, learn what levels of care for seniors are offered.

A senior should not have to move multiple times in their final years of life to receive necessary care. By knowing what each community offers prior to choosing one, a family can reduce the risk of this becoming necessary. 

Take into consideration the amenities offered at each assisted living community in Kyle, TX. For example, one senior may wish to swim every day and should have a pool within the community so they can do so easily. Another senior may love to read. The family should find a community that has a library on-site or weekly trips to a community library. This allows the senior to continue engaging in this activity easily. 

Encourage Ongoing Discussions

Once this topic has been introduced, don’t expect anything to be resolved in one sitting. Talk with seniors about their living arrangements regularly. Discuss what may lead to the need for a move to a senior community. 

This ensures seniors aren’t taken by surprise when their loved ones suggest it is time to make a move. While they may remain in denial, the family can bring up these prior conversations and point out why the move is necessary. This may help the loved one come to the realization they can no longer live alone. 

In addition, a family may notice changes in seniors during these discussions. If they begin saying the topic has never been discussed before or contradicting what they have said in the past, the family may see there is a problem. They can intervene quickly to ensure the loved one gets the care they need. 

Smooth the Transition

Work with seniors to find what they want to take with them when they make this move. Ensure the selected community will allow them to be surrounded by their favorite things. These may be family photos or other sentimental items. 

The seniors may come to accept the need for a move to senior living if they know they won’t have to give up their favorite things. The family can point out the benefits of making this move, such as being surrounded by other residents in similar situations. 

Family members may also be in denial about the need to move a loved one to a senior community. Understand that this process is hard for everyone involved. This move often signals the person is nearing the end of their life, and nobody wants to think about this. 

Families should take comfort in knowing they have done everything possible to make their loved one’s final days on earth enjoyable. The right center will help them live life as they desire for as long as possible. They deserve the best. 

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