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The Benefits of Assisted Living for Seniors With Disabilities

Seniors are more prone to developing disabilities than other age groups because of the wear and tear on their bodies. Many seniors begin to lose their hearing, eyesight, and mobility as they age. As disabilities progress, seniors often need intervention to help them live safe lives and remain as independent as possible. Learning about the [...]

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Active Living is Important for Seniors

As seniors age, physical or mental disabilities may restrict their capabilities, but staying active can help maintain independence! Active living helps seniors remain independent and healthy while providing a sense of community. We’ll go over reasons why it's important for seniors to stay active, as well as how they can find living options that support [...]

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How to Support Your Elderly Relatives in Assisted Living

As our loved ones age, it can be challenging to know how to best support them as they transition to an assisted living community. At Orchard Park of Kyle, we understand the importance of family support and strive to provide our residents with a comfortable and fulfilling lifestyle. Here, discover ways for family members to [...]

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Orchard Park of Kyle’s New Eversound System

Have you ever thought about how hearing impacts your cognition? Did you know they were related? A recent study found that hearing loss can have a negative impact on cognition and can even increase the presentation of Dementia symptoms.  A new study found that people with hearing loss who wear a hearing device score 3% [...]

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How to Talk to Your Senior Relatives About Their Finances

Adult children will often experience the role reversal of becoming caregivers to their aging parents. Many people need assistance as they enter their senior years. Committing to this task may cause people to oversee more than they expect. As parents experience health issues, talks about their future care may begin. The moment provides an opportunity [...]

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Therapy Programs When Looking for Assisted Living

Reports indicate the need for assisted living communities is on the rise in America. At present, more than 810,000 people rely on assisted living. That figure is expected to grow by at least one million within the next 20 years. In fact, by some accounts, 70 percent of Americans will need assisted living at some [...]

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The Challenge of Talking About Assisted Living for a Parent in Denial

Many seniors refuse to admit they can no longer live alone. They want to retain their independence and worry they will become a burden on loved ones. For this reason, they won't talk about assisted living with family members. They remain in denial that the day has come when they must make other living arrangements. [...]

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Assisted Living is Beneficial for Seniors with Clinical Depression

Depression is a real problem faced by many seniors. Living alone after a loved one dies or being isolated living alone with limited mobility or human interactions can lead to clinical depression and other health problems. Seniors can become disoriented, lonely, depressed, and malnourished. They can forget to eat or have trouble preparing healthy meals [...]

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Making the Transition to an Assisted Living Community

While moving to a residential care community offers peace of mind for seniors and loved ones, the transition phase is not always easy. Some seniors manage better than others, but family involvement is essential. Learning how to make the change will help families prepare for the process and decrease the problems that may arise.  Strategies [...]

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Using Words to Uplift Our Seniors

Seniors need regular encouragement and motivation to thrive and live happier lives. Uplifting them helps the residents remain optimistic about their lives, and the seniors achieve all their goals. A few positive words or expressions can make all the difference in the world for seniors. With daily affirmations, the seniors stay happy and positive while [...]

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