While moving to a residential care community offers peace of mind for seniors and loved ones, the transition phase is not always easy. Some seniors manage better than others, but family involvement is essential. Learning how to make the change will help families prepare for the process and decrease the problems that may arise. 

Strategies That Make the Move to Senior Care Easier For Families

The process of moving into an assisted living community is not always easy. Some seniors go through a mourning process because they feel they are losing their independence. On the contrary, many seniors gain more independence in these communities because they are now in a safe and sheltered environment. The following strategies will make it much easier for seniors and their families to go through the transition process. 

  • The transition process takes time and should not be rushed. Most senior care experts agree people need three to six months to grow accustomed to their new living arrangements. Some people require more or less time. Keeping this in mind will help people through the inevitable rough patches that occur.
  • Some seniors do better when their families visit with them often during the first couple of weeks. Senior communities encourage family involvement. Calling and visiting frequently gives seniors peace of mind in knowing their families have not abandoned them. 
  • It is essential everyone in the family gets involved in helping seniors transition to their new community. When the children cannot visit or call, recruiting other family members to the task eases the burden and makes the senior feel more at home and less isolated from those they love. 
  • Families need to realize there are going to be setbacks, especially at the beginning of the transition period to assisted living in Kyle, TX. Preparing for these setbacks and facing them head-on will give seniors and their families comfort during problems.
  • Children need to acknowledge the fears and concerns of their senior parents as they transition to new living arrangements. Yes, it is important to highlight the benefits of senior care, but children should not brush away the fears and concerns of their parents. Validate the worries and talk through them to give seniors comfort. 
  • Surrounding seniors with their personal belongings makes the transition to memory care living more bearable. Unfamiliar environments become less daunting when seniors have access to the familiar, such as photographs, furniture, and artwork. 

Children Need to Become an Advocate For Their Aging Parents

The process of moving into a senior community is exciting for some and daunting for others. Even those who are thrilled in the beginning may begin to stress later. Children need to become advocates for their senior loved ones. 

Children need to help their senior parents speak up when issues arise in the community. No community is going to offer perfection. Some seniors may feel intimidated if they have to speak up about issues. By getting involved with the community and visiting often, children will help their senior parents cope and have a voice. 

Become a Part of the Team

The staff at senior communities understand the struggles family members face when placing their loved ones. It takes a team effort to help seniors acclimate to their new surroundings. 

It is essential children talk with the staff members about the parents’ and their own concerns regarding the transition. Getting staff members involved from the very beginning will help make the process less intimidating. While the transition process will not be perfect, getting staff involved will make it smoother.

Setting Boundaries Is Integral

One of the most difficult aspects of the transition process to senior care is guilt. Many children end up stretching themselves too thin because they feel bad about moving their parents into a senior living community. It is essential children set boundaries because they have needs too. 

While children should attempt to free up as much time as possible to help their parents transition, they cannot be available at all times. Neglecting their own needs can lead to physical and mental health declines in adults who are trying to help their senior parents. No one should feel guilty for setting boundaries for their own well-being. 

Here at Orchard Park of Kyle, we provide seniors the memory care and assistance they need to live their lives to the fullest while remaining safe. Located in Kyle, Texas, our community at Orchard Park at Kyle encourages seniors to live their lives the way they see fit, even when health changes begin to occur. Our expansive and beautiful campus allows seniors to participate in lively activities while receiving the comprehensive care they require.