Depression is a real problem faced by many seniors. Living alone after a loved one dies or being isolated living alone with limited mobility or human interactions can lead to clinical depression and other health problems. Seniors can become disoriented, lonely, depressed, and malnourished. They can forget to eat or have trouble preparing healthy meals for themselves. Cleaning can seem like too much trouble when one is living alone without much company. But, moving to a well-chosen senior community that meets a person’s needs and level of care needed can help with mental and physical health.

Assisted Living Benefits For People Who Live in Texas

Seniors living in or near Kyle, Texas, have a nice choice in a senior living community called Orchard Park. Orchard Park is a senior care community that helps seniors that are tired of living alone in a house that has become too much for them to manage. The community is for seniors who like their independence but need some help around their home. The residents’ care can change as their needs change.

Orchard Park of Kyle offers different levels of service for seniors, including assisted living levels and memory care services. Residents are given a wide range of activities and services to keep them active and engaged. Socialization helps senior citizens avoid depression and make friends for a fuller life. Some of the benefits of living in a senior community rather than alone and isolated include:

  • The feeling of belonging to a community. When a person feels like they are part of a community and a group of similar people, they stay healthier mentally. This offers them socialization, fun, being included, and having companions.
  • Everyone likes to have a purpose in life. Senior community living gives a person the support and space to feel a sense of purpose and a reason to go on living.
  • Senior community living gives a resident a better sense of safety and security because of the services offered. Having a secure place to live with people who are checking in on a person as needed helps eliminate anxiety.
  • People benefit from socialization and making new friends. Senior living communities make an effort to keep senior residents engaged in social activities with other residents that share common interests. Shared meals, scheduled outings to interesting locations, classes, and even volunteer activities help seniors stay connected to the world around them.
  • It is not easy being a senior citizen with both mental and physical challenges to cope with. Moving to a senior living community can lead to better mental health because of the services that are offered. Left alone and isolated, a person can suffer from anxiety, loneliness, depression, weight gain or loss, sleep loss, mood swings, and even suicidal thoughts and confusion. The caregivers working in assisted living communities are trained to recognize mental health issues and get the resident needed help.

Senior Mental Health Issues

People who suffer from a wide range of mental health issues can benefit from moving to assisted living homes. Seniors face issues including depression, cognitive impairment, anxiety, Alzheimer’s disease, and more. They may have physical health problems such as mobility loss, COPD, cancer, Parkinson’s disease, heart disease, or arthritis that can lead to depression.

Our assisted living community in Kyle, TX, provides seniors with a safe and secure home and includes staff members to take care of their needs. They can feel relieved that they no longer must maintain a home, shop for groceries, prepare their own meals, or struggle with finding transportation to doctor’s appointments or shopping. Our staff helps senior residents socialize and stay active with structured therapeutic and social programs.

Some of the many activities available to our residents include physical fitness classes designed for seniors, discussion groups, crafting workshops, group outings to local attractions and events, and more.

When a Person Has memory and Cognitive Issues

Sometimes, mental issues make it unsafe for a person to live alone, and they need more care and supervision than an assisted living community can offer. For those seniors, we offer a memory care center where they will get the added level of care and supervision needed while keeping their dignity. Safety becomes an issue for seniors who become disoriented and might wander off and become lost. Memory care centers may be locked to keep their residents inside and safe. The residents are more closely monitored and may need more services.

When a senior person and their family decide it is time to move to an assisted living community, our counselors assist them in finding the right level of care and independence. There will be opportunities to tour the communities before deciding to move. Costs and other factors can be discussed, and financing can be addressed.