Have you ever thought about how hearing impacts your cognition? Did you know they were related? A recent study found that hearing loss can have a negative impact on cognition and can even increase the presentation of Dementia symptoms. 

A new study found that people with hearing loss who wear a hearing device score 3% better on their cognitive tests. Additionally, the use of hearing aids was found to reduce long-term cognitive decline by 19%. With prevention being one of the best ways to manage dementia this is a key finding. 

With that in mind, Orchard Park of Kyle senior community now offers the Eversound listening system. It is an advanced system using proprietary audio technology that allows seniors to hear and communicate clearly. The system was created with older adults in mind and can improve their engagement and sense of satisfaction.

Hearing and Quality of Life 

Older adults often move to senior communities to enjoy a better quality of life than they would if they lived alone. Social isolation can have a devastating effect on seniors’ mental, emotional, and physical health. But, even those living in a community can feel alone if they have difficulty hearing.

The National Institute on Aging says that one in three adults aged 65 to 74 experiences some level of hearing loss, and by age 75, the percentage increases to 50%. It’s a problem that can lead to loneliness and depression.  

Some people with hearing loss may even be misdiagnosed as uncooperative, confused, or unresponsive. An enhanced listening system like Eversound ensures that residents can clearly understand others, which makes a huge difference in their socialization and helps prevent isolation.

The improved hearing also helps some residents who have memory issues. Personal wireless headphones make it easier for memory care residents to focus, engage, and communicate.

Headphones Are Easy to Use 

Because the Eversound system was made for seniors, it is user-friendly and adapts to their needs. Getting started is as simple as pressing the easy-to-see power button, which is also used to power headphones off.

Headphones include an adjustable headband, mic, personal volume controls, and ear cups that may comfortably be used with a hearing aid. The headphones can be plugged into devices like a tablet or TV to enhance their sound.   

Eversound Works with Hearing Aids 

Headphones are personal devices that make hearing better in any setting easier. They are ideal for those with hearing problems even if they already use a hearing aid. The Eversound system also benefits individuals without serious hearing problems when they are in noisy situations or need enhanced sound.

Seniors often experience various levels of hearing loss, yet many do not have hearing aids, and those who have the devices do not always wear them. According to McNights, only about 30% of adults aged 70 and over who need hearing aids use them. Wearing sound-enhancing headphones allows everyone to hear clearly.

Enhanced Hearing Encourages Social Interaction 

The 2020 pandemic created a communications issue for everyone involved in senior community life. Social distancing made it difficult for Orchard Park residents and staff to communicate. With that in mind, the Eversound system was used to prevent isolation related to social distancing. 

The staff maintained health and safety standards and remained in touch with each resident. An Eversound system is still being used to enhance care and ensure residents safely enjoy social engagement. 

The System is a Resident Perk 

Orchard Park residents do not have any responsibility for their wireless listening system. The community offers the equipment and experience as an amenity. That’s an incredible perk for those who wear hearing aids, since they do not have to worry about keeping up with the latest hearing technology and its costs. 

A Wireless System Adapts to Community Needs

As an assisted living community in Kyle, TX, Orchard Park has adapted the wireless listening system in many ways. Staff use headphones for group activities, small group discussions, clubs, outings, resident council gatherings, and devotional sessions.  

Headphones enhance visits from family, making it easier for all parties to communicate. The system is ideal for video calls.  

A listening system makes caregiving easier and improves PT/OT sessions. It makes care planning meetings easier.

Because the technology uses Bluetooth, noise-canceling, and access to FM, headphones provide residents with an improved entertainment experience. The system is ideal for broadcasting audio to connected headphones in various settings, including visitors’ tours.  

Millions of Texas residents are over 65, and many suffer from hearing loss that impacts their quality of life. With that in mind, Orchard Park of Kyle senior community now offers the innovative Eversound listening system. Staff and residents use personal Bluetooth headphones that allow them to communicate in any setting, regardless of the noise level. It’s a tool that improves caregiving and helps ensure every resident is socially engaged and part of the conversation. 

About Our Community

Orchard Park of Kyle is an assisted living and memory care community committed to providing residents with exceptional care and amenities. The community offers the Eversound listening system, which enhances residents’ hearing. This advanced technology uses Bluetooth headphones that ensure staff, residents, and visitors can communicate in any setting.